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Most of the travelers going to Port Canaveral are flying to Orlando Airport (also known as OIA or MCO). MCO provides the combination of the convenience of a modern large airport with the close proximity to Port Canaveral. As a vacationer landing into the city to embark on a memorable journey, the only concern would be to arrange for your transportation to the cruise port from the hotel or the airport. Whatever be your travel needs. FarRide.com, will ensure you have a stress free trip.

Partnering with us is not only a safe and cost-efficient option but also provides you with maximum flexibility, privacy and comfort. Satisfying our customers and giving them the best of services is our primary goal and we make every effort in making your journey a memorable one.

FarRide.com offers convenient and stylish limousine services to and from Port Canaveral. If you need to get from Orlando or Sanford Airport to Port Canaveral, FarRide.com is your best option to enjoy a comfortable, luxurious and stylish ride.

All cruise lines offer shuttle services from Orlando International to Port Canaveral This option is some time stressful uncomfortable, slow and unreliable, because there is no waiting in line and there is no waiting for a crowded bus until it fills up; however, cruise line shuttles can be as expensive -- if not more expensive -- than other shuttles and transfers.

If you’re planning to visit Port Canaveral, book with us. If you have three or more passengers this option is private and timely and less expensive than a shared vehicle. For a family in need of car seat or boosters, FarRide.com can accommodate special requests with advance notice. If you’re interested in comfort, luxury and back-seat drinks and snacks pick up the phone give us a call, or make your reservation online thought our mobile Apps or our web site We will reply all your questions and offer you a free, no obligation quote.

How it Works

Upon arriving at the airport, you will be greeted at the bottom of escalator in baggage claim area with your contact name posted on an iPad

There is no waiting in line and there is no waiting in a cded bus until it fills up

Being highly punctual, our dispatchers work very hard to monitor airline flights and ensure timely pickups and drop offs.

  • Our chauffeurs will drop you off right at the entrance of your Cruise ship
  • All our chauffeurs are professionally attired, polite and safety conscious
  • Our chauffeurs have valid permits with clear background check.

So if you don’t want to reach Port Canaveral totally exhausted, stressed and sweaty, give us a call or simply book on line now though our website or mobile Apps! For a low flat rate, we will take you to your cruise or back in one of our luxury limousines, sedans, SUV’S or vans. You will reach your destination relaxed, focused and with a dig smile of satisfaction on your face. In fact, you’ll feel almost sorry to arrive at your destination so fast!

We also provide return transportation from Port Canaveral. Our highly trained chauffeurs deliver prompt, comfortable service that is unmatched by our competitors.

Why should you choose us?

You can easily make a booking anytime within 24 hours of your need for our services through our website, mobile Apps or customer care number our rates are competitive and affordable to meet your individual requirements.